Letters to May


When you sit facing a blank page for at least ten minutes, trying to remember the highs and lows of the month that’s just come to an end, and how on earth to put them into words (if those words could sound like high literature and make some sense too, that would be great, please)…. … [Read more…]

My downtown French haven


Oh, crêpe… The other day I found myself daydreaming a little at my desk, thinking back to one particular day a year and a half ago when Lucio and I were in Paris, and stopped by a traditional (and over-priced) crêpe stand near the Quartier Latin. While the crêpe itself wasn’t necessarily the most delicious … [Read more…]

Letters to April


So much of my research into how to focus more on the good in life and less on the not-so-good has pointed me to a specific method: keeping a gratefulness journal. It’s something I’ve tried to do since the beginning of the year: I was great at it for a while, not missing a single day, … [Read more…]

A Colourful Change of Scene


When my good friends from university Chris and Charlotte came to visit a few weeks ago, I really wondered how I could make them feel as far away as possible from their London homes… Walking around Arequipa was different enough for sure (the burning hot sun, loud interactions in Spanish and the snow-capped volcano looking … [Read more…]

Holy Thursday: A Street-Food Heaven


If there’s one thing that will get me out into the heaving streets of Arequipa during a religious celebration… it’s the food. Don’t judge me… Every year on the Thursday of Easter Week (or Holy Week, as they call it here), shortly after sunset, what feels like the whole of Arequipa fills the streets of … [Read more…]

Celebrating over dinner


Vegetarians, look away now…  A few weeks ago, on a completely unexpected, random, ordinary day, I was feeling a little frustrated with how long my work visa (or “resident status”, as they call it here) was taking to be approved, and to be honest I just felt extremely restless. I logged onto the immigration website … [Read more…]

*deep breath*… Hello internet!


I’m sure I’ll never forget writing this first post, mainly because it’s taken me over a month to do it…  I’ve wanted to create my own little corner of the internet for so long that by the time I had a rough outline of what I wanted to create, and once I had that beautiful … [Read more…]