Letters to July


…better late than never! I’m not sure why but July was an odd month for my writing and blogging. I know I’ve been pretty distracted for the past few weeks: travel planning (with a bit of actual traveling thrown in) trying to get my money’s worth out of my gym membership, getting up to various shenanigans … [Read more…]

Letters to June


Dear June, Oh boy, you went by quickly! Where did you go? Why didn’t you stick around for a little longer? We were just getting to know each other… In all seriousness, can we all just take a moment. Take a deep breath, and try to make time stop for a little while with me, … [Read more…]

Notes On Being An Outsider

A few weeks ago, my favorite Peruvian in the whole world turned 34 years old, and what ensued was a weekend full of food, family, friends and chatter in our flat. I absolutely loved hosting so many people, frantically cooking crêpes at the last minute (living the last minute life, as always!) chatting over passion … [Read more…]

Letters to May


When you sit facing a blank page for at least ten minutes, trying to remember the highs and lows of the month that’s just come to an end, and how on earth to put them into words (if those words could sound like high literature and make some sense too, that would be great, please)…. … [Read more…]

Celebrating over dinner


Vegetarians, look away now…  A few weeks ago, on a completely unexpected, random, ordinary day, I was feeling a little frustrated with how long my work visa (or “resident status”, as they call it here) was taking to be approved, and to be honest I just felt extremely restless. I logged onto the immigration website … [Read more…]