Letters to June

Dear June,

Oh boy, you went by quickly! Where did you go? Why didn’t you stick around for a little longer? We were just getting to know each other…

In all seriousness, can we all just take a moment. Take a deep breath, and try to make time stop for a little while with me, because I need more of it. More time. If I ran the world, I would make 34-hour days (obviously the working hours would stay the same, duh). I’m having this chilling feeling that there just isn’t enough time to work on everything I want to accomplish in this short life.

But back to the month of June…

As you’ll have been able to tell by the previous post, the first weekend of the month saw the celebration of Lucio turning the big 3-4. It was the most calorie-filled weekend, but it was also so wonderful to celebrate not just someone’s birthday, but also their existence as a whole. He doesn’t really know it, but Lucio makes this world a better place with his passion, his generosity and his strong sense of right and wrong. He especially  makes my world a better place. A few weeks later Father’s Day came around, and after speaking to my own father on the phone, it was back to celebrating the role-model that Lucio is to his kids. He’s such a great dad to them, it can be extremely adorable to watch. Those moments are not always easy for me, but I managed to banish those feelings and get back to serving drinks and cake pretty quickly, if I may say so myself!

This month I also decided to give mindfulness a try. Quite a few of my June nights were spent with my nose in “A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled”, trying to make sense of how the human brain works, and how to live more in the moment. Though I’m still not an expert at any of it, I’ve decided to start with the little things. Like zoning out of where I am and the sounds around me, and just focusing on the taste of that fruit, on how it feels in my mouth, etc. I also try it with things like walking through the sunny streets to work: the wind on my skin, the sun heating my clothes and my feet pounding the pavements. Truth be told, it does make life a little more beautiful to zone out of hugeness of daily life, and just zoom into the little things like that. If you have any interest in learning more about the science-y side of mindfulness, I’d definitely recommend that book.

June also saw the purchase of some very exciting flights for the end of the year: Lucio and I bought our flights to France for Christmas! Words cannot describe my excitement. Hopefully from next year onwards I’ll be able to fly back to Europe more often, but right now it’ll have to be once a year. I cannot wait to meet my future baby niece, and for Lucio to meet the rest of my family. And to eat French cheese again, to eat my dad’s amazing food, to visit friends and hopefully show Lucio a new country (Germany, we may be coming for ya). I know it’s normal to idealize a place like your childhood home when you’re away for so long at a time, but hey, I’ll idealize away until I can be back there with my love. It’s funny but I always find it so fascinating when the old me and the current me come together… in a nutshell, I can’t wait for that plane to hit French soil in December!

Finally, June has also been a month where I’ve felt strong, overwhelming fear. Fear at the direction the world is taking, fear at the division between countries, fear at what is happening thousands of miles away in the Middle East. Fear at 49% percent of a country thinking one way, and 51% of it thinking the complete opposite. That fear is growing, and I’m not sure what to do about it…

Time for my song of the month… and this time I’m going indie: “Ophelia” by The Lumineers. It’s had me tip-tapping my foot at work for the past few weeks. I’m not sure who Ophelia is, but she definitely sounds like a cool chick!

There are two blog posts which really got me thinking this month… One of them, about writing no matter what your background, really inspired me to forget about trying to be unique, and just to focus on being me, Emilie Walker, flawed human with a head full of thoughts and travel wishlists. The other, about telling other people how great they are, made me realise how important it is to really lift up other people, and how just a little compliment goes such a long way. It’s something I’m really trying to work on, and it’s been so nice to see the joy on people’s faces from just paying them a simple compliment. It’s free to do and it feels so, so great.

And finally…. this TED talk really made me think about purpose, about working in a field which you’re passionate about, and made me feel like I’m really not alone in my quarter-life-crisis! (Other 20-something-year-olds feeling the same way, do speak up!)

Until next month… gotta go, I’m going to a wedding tonight and better start prettifying myself! (I may have must made that word up, but that’s ok. Let’s just roll with it.)

Have a great July!



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  1. Hi Emilie,

    This might be a bit of a strange comment but I saw your comment on Emma Gannon’s post called “You’ve Changed” and your photo really reminded me of a YouTuber I watch (I honestly thought it was her at first). You might have never heard of the project TwinStrangers on YouTube but I find the idea fascinating and well I think I found your twin stranger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNYouOSBI90 . Sorry if you find this offensive it’s just that you and Sam look uncannily alike 🙂

    • Emilie Walker

      Hi Emma!
      Thank you so much for your comment, I don’t find it offensive at all! She’s so pretty so that’s a huge compliment for me 🙂 Thanks for suggesting Sam’s channel, it’s always fun to discover new YouTubers! I hope you like my blog and I hope to have you as a new reader! xoxo

  2. rach

    Love this! It’s funny you say you’re trying to work on giving compliments more often because you’re already fantastic at that. I think you set an amazing example! Also: I’m reading a book I think is just up your alley. I may just have to send it to you…

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