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Vegetarians, look away now… 

A few weeks ago, on a completely unexpected, random, ordinary day, I was feeling a little frustrated with how long my work visa (or “resident status”, as they call it here) was taking to be approved, and to be honest I just felt extremely restless. I logged onto the immigration website for the 1348th time that week to check its status, not really expecting any good news… wait, what? It’s been approved??? 

That was when something in me kicked in, the part of me that had been wanting change for so long, the part of me that was getting restless in that house and wanting to finally start the job that had been waiting for me for months.  After having contacted the company and found out that I could start my job as soon as I had the physical visa in my hand, it just wasn’t enough, I needed to act on the other big aspect of my life, my home.

I had wanted to move houses for so long. Although I had grown to love our little house, and had so many memories in there, I wanted a change: I wanted to be closer to the city centre, closer to my job, to the shops, to the life of the city. And I wanted a bigger space with a spare room where I could have friends and family over. (Please come visit, person reading this! Whoever you are!) Within one hour of making that decision to find a new place, now that I knew I would be starting my next job soon, I had found an apartment online that I liked, that was vaguely in the area that we wanted to live in. We visited it that same day, and absolutely loved it. Slightly out of our price range, but huge and modern and with a gorgeous terrace and a spare room and ahhhhhhhh I wanted it. It had to be mine.

Well, let me tell you I’m sitting on my sofa in that new apartment, feeling so content and more at home in Arequipa than ever before. I’ll put up a whole separate post about my new home as soon as it’s looking a little more complete.

These past few weeks have left my head spinning, in a good way. I’ve really come to realise that in life you really have no idea what’s waiting for you around the corner. On that day when I was feeling so restless and frustrated, I had no idea that 24 hours later I would be signing a contract for a new apartment, and two weeks later I’d be sitting at my new desk, swiveling around in the chair like a lunatic, officially calling myself Digital Marketing Coordinator. That job, by the way, is going well so far but all the new information is slowly making my brain explode. I’m hoping it’s going to keep going well, and keep challenging me every day (though the information avalanche can stop soon, please. It’s too much for one little Emilie in one go).

Within all the chaos, and the madness, moving vans and measuring tapes, I wanted to take some time out, just me and Lucio, to celebrate all these recent changes and to really talk about it all, about all the cliches involved: our hopes and dreams and where exactly to put that coffee table.

First we went for a walk around one of our favourite places in the city, the “mirador de Yanahuara”.


Only in Peru do you find a group of friends playing the drums together on a public square on a Sunday night. Loving it.

Only in Peru do you find a group of friends playing the drums together on a public square on a Sunday night. Loving it.

Incidentally, it was on this square, under this archway that Lucio asked me to be his girlfriend, almost two and a half years ago now.


Looking over the city, deciding where to go for dinner.


Oh hey there, boyfriend. Casually posing against a sculpture.

Oh hey there, boyfriend. Casually posing against a sculpture.

We decided on “El Gaucho”, a restaurant specialised in grilled meat that I’d wanted to try forever.

We started with lemonade, some hot bread rolls straight out the oven, and some spicy dips that were about to burn my head off.


Then the meat came on its sizzling little barbecue… I was in meat heaven.


You know a meal is delicious when you have to put away your camera ASAP because your mouth is watering.

It was so nice to take some time off working on the apartment, and getting emotionally ready to start my job the next day. I was terrified, and apprehensive, but ready for the challenge.

The restaurant

The restaurant

As cliche as it is, I really do believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. And boy am I out of mine right now! This blog is my attempt to document these challenges I’m facing, and all I can say is another cliche that gets me through nany difficult days: “I’ll look back on this and smile, because it was life and I decided to live it.”

I’ll let you know how it all goes…. Watch this space!


Date night selfie!

Date night selfie!

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  1. Rachel

    So excited for all that you’ve got going on! Even more excited to see new apartment photos 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Emilie Walker

      There’ll be an apartment tour ASAP!! I’m nervous about trying my hand at ‘cup of jo’ style posts, we’ll see how that goes…
      Love you!

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