*deep breath*… Hello internet!

I’m sure I’ll never forget writing this first post, mainly because it’s taken me over a month to do it…  I’ve wanted to create my own little corner of the internet for so long that by the time I had a rough outline of what I wanted to create, and once I had that beautiful professional camera in my possession (thanks Dad! I mean… thanks Father Christmas), the pressure was ON. But I’ve learnt that in the world of Emilie Walker, some things happen as soon as the desire and courage strikes, whereas others take their time in becoming more than an idea and a Pinterest board.

But today, as many different changes are unfolding in my life, I thought I’d give this little project the nudge it needed. Welcome to my blog! I’m hoping to document my everyday life on here, to give you an insight into life in Peru (if that piece of information is new to you, head over to “About Me”!) and into my travels, thoughts and every day adventures. It occured to me that as much as I love and regularly use Facebook, some of my most loved ones don’t necessarily have it, or would like to see more of my Peruvian life than the occasional sunset snapshot or colorful photo album. I’d love to really give detailed accounts of the vibrant, exotic lifestyle over here and of how Emilie Walker, French-British travel addict with a passion for words and languages, managed to make a home over here.

But right now, the one thing I’d like to know, readers, friends and family, is what you’d like to read about and see. Please leave me a comment if you have any post requests, or if you’re curious about any specific aspects of life in the beautifully chaotic continent of Latin America!

But for now… I can breathe out again. My first post will be live after I hit the “publish” button, and then this blogging adventure can truly begin. I can’t wait!

Adios amigos!



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  1. Emily Murray

    I am loving what I’ve read so far. You are so good at conjuring up places and moments- you bring the Peruvian sun and gentle waft of cooked Guinea pig into my flat, even on a a slightly dismal evening in the Midlands. But in all seriousness, I think your title quote “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” hits the nail on the head- I want to read more about your brilliant attitude to the challenges you’re facing and all the thoughts you are having along the way. Can’t wait to read more!

    • Emilie Walker

      Haha I’m so glad you could even smell the slow-roasted guinea pig just from my words! Thank you Em, this means a lot to me. I hope I can keep conjuring up this chaotic world of colour and Inca beauty, and I’m so glad to have you as a reader. In a sense I wanted the title quote to reflect who I’ve been, who I am and I think who I’ll always be, i.e. constantly pushing myself outside of my own comfort zone, be it to great results or not so great ones. I wanted a title which would invoke the experimental & imperfect nature of this journey, I’m glad you were able to see that in it.
      Love you! xxx

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